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John I. Dawes ELC Committees

This page is designated as a description of each event that takes place throughout the year. These descriptions are helpful for anyone who wishes to become a Chair or Co-Chair for an event. If there is a TBD, we are in need of a Chair person. All descriptions are brief and you will be given more information if you get chosen 

This page is NOT to sign up and volunteer for an event.

Each calendar event where volunteers are needed on the Main page will have a sign up button.

Birthday Bash
Chair:   Tamara Bove, Ronica Colyandro Alyssa Schneider (AM) & Kristy Giamonna, Sarah Elmedani, Bethany Cole (PM)

Every month the ELC has Birthday Bash to celebrate children who have birthdays in that particular month.  Decorations would be put up and games will be played. There are 2 parties during the day. In September we celebrate August and September and in June we celebrate June and July, as to not miss anyone's big day.  This is a service provided by the ELC PTA.

Book Fairs (Fall & Spring)
Chair:   Jillian Brown, Deani Tames & Alyssa Schneider

This committee coordinates the set-up and running of the book fair twice a year. This is a great way to help your child develop a love for books and encourages a lifetime of reading enjoyment. This is a fundraiser for the ELC PTA.

Chair:   Kristy Giamonna

Box Tops are collected throughout the year. They are exchanged for cash donations to our school. This is a Fundraiser for ELC.

Dining Out
Chair:   Jessica Alongi & Jessica Duncan

Throughout the school year, the committee will book various dates at local restaurants, play places or art places where we have a chance to earn money based on how many people dine there.  Everyone likes to go out eat, so enjoy a fun night out and support your school at the same time.  This is an ELC PTA fundraiser.

Discount Card
Chair:   Jillian Brown

For just $20, purchase the Route 9 Commutiy discount card.  There are all sorts of discounts listed on the back of the card, but that's not all.  Click here to access a full list of all the businesses that particpate.  This is a an ELC PTA fundraiser.

Fundraising Committee
Chair:   Tamara Bove & Nancy Spezzacatana

This committee is responsible for overseeing the success of our fundraising programs.

Chair:   Kristy Giamonna, Melissa Ivanitski, & Gia Riccobono

Throughout the year we offer a variety of grams to purchase for your child at school.  The gram will be delivered to your child along with a note.   This is a fundraiser for the ELC PTA.

Have a Heart
Chair:   Nicole Goldstein & Deani Tames

Each child is given a heart to decorate and donations collected for the American Heart Association. The co-chairs will be responsible for collecting the hearts and putting them up throughout the hallways to decorate for Valentine’s Day and AHA month. This is a fundraiser.

Historian (official PTA Photographer)
Chair:   Jamie Capobianco, Lauren Lazarro & Deani Tames
Holiday Fair
Chair:   Jillian Brown, Deani Tames, Vlada Samara, & Anthony Brandt

The Holiday Fair provides the opportunity for your child to go shopping for family members for the holiday.  We offer a variety of small items for your child to purchase. An outside vendor supplies the gift items and volunteers assist the children with their “shopping” experience. Most items range from $2-$8. This is a fundraiser for the ELC PTA.

Chair:   Tina French
Plant Sale
Chair:   TBD

Our plant sale will be held in May just in time for Mother's Day.  In addition to a variety of flowers, herbs and plants, we will also have items for sale for the Dads and Grandpas.  This is an ELC PTA fundraiser.

Pumpkin Patch
Chair:   Lauren Lazzaro & Josephine Mininni

This committee organizes our imaginary “pumpkin patch” grown overnight in our school yard for the kids to pick from and bring home for a Fall Fundraiser.  This a ELC PTA sponsored event.

Snack Sale
Chair:   Jessica Santoli & Gia Riccobono

This committee coordinates the sale of snacks on half days in school.  This is a pre-sale event.  All snacks will be delivered to your child on the day of the half day.  This is a ELC PTA fundraiser.

Staff Appreciation Week
Chair:   TBD

This committee coordinates the distribution of food/gifts to thank the teachers and staff at ELC.  Teacher Appreciation week occurs in May, and we plan something special for each day of the week.  In addition, there are other times throughout the school year that we do special things to show them how much we care and how thankful we are for all that they do.  This is a service provided by the ELC PTA.

Trunk or Treat
Chair:   Tara Mack, Angela Ronan, & Cristina Slow

Duties include organizing ticket sales, games to play and food to sell at one of our very enjoyable Halloween fun that takes place in our ELC parking lot where families come, decorate their trunks for the Halloween holiday and have fun! This is a ELC PTA fundraiser.

Walk-a-Thon (Fall & Spring)
Chair:   Nancy Spezzacatena, Michelle Marrone & Sarah Elmedani

Children will participate in a walk-a-thon to raise money for our school. This committee coordinates the logistics of the walk-a-thon and volunteers are needed to help during the actual walk. This is a fundraiser provided for the ELC PTA.

Chair:   Tina French

This committee formats and compiles a yearbook of the entire school with School Annuals help. There will be opportunity for you to purchase booster ads that will appear in the yearbook.  Yearbooks are distributed at the end of the year, and are available for purchase. This is a service and a fundraiser for ELC PTA.


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